July 26, 2021

How to choose bedding? Teach you...

Bedding is a part of life home can not lack, good bedding, not only can create a stronger quality of sleep, and can also reflect the excellent quality of life. Currently dealing with a variety of various bedding, we often peach blossom eyes, the following I will inform the people how to select bedding.

Check the mark, see the package

In the selection of bedding, the first to check the mark of the goods, reliable company's goods mark content is more complete, and detailed address detailed; if the mark content is incomplete, not standardized, you need to be careful to buy; if there is no mark of the three no products, it is best not to buy. In addition, the purchase must ensure that the packaging design in detail, packaging printing is clear.

Check the workmanship

Today's sales market bedding workmanship and materials are very different, the price difference is higher. Cost-effective goods, detailed materials, clothing printing clear, quite glossy; poor-quality goods, material scarcity, disorderly pattern, sewing is not smooth, uneven nylon fabric. Therefore, when buying, you must carefully inquire about the workmanship of the goods.

Smell odor, pick fancy

Textile products in the printing and dyeing plant and the whole process of production and processing to apply a variety of remediation agents and modifiers, if in the production process, the processing process is not qualified, it will be residual many unnecessary ingredients, damage to the human body. Therefore, in the purchase, you can first smell the smell before making a decision.


Diligent change, to protect health

Pillow cores and other bedding can give everyone comfortable sleep quality enjoy, but they hide pathogenic bacteria is also very risky, therefore, to wash and change bedding to ensure the physical and mental health of loved ones.

Fabric should be comfortable

Comfortable fabric is the most important point to select bedding, it is best to select the environmental protection dyeing agent printing plant of cotton high density fabrics, such fabrics bedding, good touch, heat insulation and thermal insulation, and is conducive to clean up.

Focus on the overall match

Pattern is a key element in the selection of bedding, according to the respective preferences to select the pattern is unquestionable, but because the bed in the bedroom occupies the dominant, so in the selection, be sure to take into account their overall practical effect with the house is not harmonious, avoid picking that type of backward pattern.

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July 19, 2021

Poor immunity always get sick! W...

The body's ability to resist disease lies in the level of robustness of the immune system. How can I improve my immunity?

When it comes to improving immunity, the first reaction of the people is to eat what can improve immunity? There is no doubt that the body's resistance can be improved to some extent by improving the diet and nutritional composition. 增強免疫力, the importance of dietary nutrition does not depend on eating well, but on eating scientifically researched and balanced.

Ensuring the intake of high quality protein is part of a nutritious diet, but it is not something to be focused on. If the intake is too much, it will cause overweight obesity and a series of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetics, etc., cancer risk is also increased, the result of small loss.

Improve the immune system, that fitness exercise more reasonable:.

In the basic of reasonable diet, fitness exercise for improving immunity is reasonable. Long-term moderate level of anti-stress intensity fitness exercise (such as running, cycling) can make cellular immunity more prevalent throughout, and the role can be continuously improved .

However, the immunity boosting effect of fitness exercise is not stored, i.e., the physical and mental health benefits will gradually fade away after a long period without fitness exercise.

The best fitness exercise exercise to boost the body's immunity is a moderate level of stress resistance exercise of 30 minutes to 45 minutes each time, 5 times a week or so, for more than four weeks on a long-term basis.

Some common misconceptions about immunity.

1. winter more very easy to get sick is due to lower immunity no?

Winter because of the colder outdoors, many people are selected to play indoors in a group. Many people gather in a small natural environment to enhance the probability of germs spreading, and therefore more very easy to get sick.

2. often stay up late, irregular work and rest will reduce immunity?

In our long-term poor rest (generally means the total quality of sleep time), will indeed reduce immunity. The autonomic nervous system (everyone's human biological clock) also does jeopardize some cellular immune thematic activities, so we must also enhance the sleep time in case of infection or disease outbreak in our body.

3. Is it true or not that eating mushrooms can boost immunity?

Some people say that eating mushrooms can boost immunity, iPhone can boost immunity, vegetables and fruits can boost immunity ......

This can't be considered wrong, but it can't be said to be completely true. The nutritional content of mushrooms is very good, but the nutritional content of vegetables and fruits, fresh fruits, meat foods, legumes and grains are all very good.

4. What is the use of eating fruits and vegetables alone to boost immunity?

No, you need to eat some of each type of ingredient. Eating fruits and vegetables can consume dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, but there is no way to consume sufficient protein and high quality oleic acid.

Are all diseases related to the immune system?

Although the immune system is present throughout the body, the body has a lot of system software. There are some conditions that are caused by inflammation or trauma to the body that can harm the immune system, but they are not necessarily the result of a problem with the immune system.

6. Can I take vitamin C supplements to boost my immunity?

The first thing to say is that vitamin C is really good for your immune system, and in the event you suffer from a sensation, your body will also consume vitamin C quickly, so it is feasible to consume a lot of vitamin C.

However, please do not put the key only on vitamin C, because most of the antioxidants (vitamins and minerals) are good for boosting or advancing your immunity. Included here are vitamins A, B, D, E, zinc, iron, etc. Too much or too little of any one small nutrient can harm your body or immune system.

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