March 22, 2022

What diseases can be detected by an ECG during a routine physical examination? Get to know the basic

In the case of sudden illness or discomfort, it is important to seek early examination, and many people may see a problem, that is, no matter what kind of disease, only the regulation doctor will provide for the examination of .

When it comes to electrocardiogram, people should know very well that it is a new item of basic examination, but many people are more confused, they do not have a heart level disease, why hospitalization must also check the electrocardiogram?

Why is it necessary to check the ECG in the course of routine medical checkups, and what exactly can the ECG find out?

1、Get the basic condition

The heart is the most important pressure root in the body, no matter which kind of disease is produced, it may produce damage to the heart, so before hospitalization is a basic assessment of the heart.

According to the electrocardiogram, the basic condition of the heart, whether the heartbeat is normal or not, the heart beat is normal or not, according to this basic judgment, the medicine can be applied effectively.

2、Discover if there is a myocardial infarction

Generally speaking, it is impossible to diagnose myocardial infarction completely with the help of electrocardiogram, but electrocardiogram can make a basic judgment, especially for acute heart attack.

The ECG examination can quickly identify many types of heart diseases, so that the physician can make a basic diagnosis and provide reasonable treatment.

3、Judging whether the heart is in danger

If a sudden heart attack causes discomfort, the ECG can be used to determine if there is a heart problem at the same time.

4、Help to judge the heart rate arrhythmia

One of the main effects of ECG is to determine whether there is an arrhythmia of the heart rate. When you are admitted to hospital, you will usually use medication to treat your illness, so you can take medication faster if you know whether there is an arrhythmia of the heart rate, because many drugs can cause arrhythmia of the heart rate after taking them.

5、Judging the effect of treatment

If the heart disease is subacute, in the hospital treatment generally must be thrombosis treatment can rescue, then check the electrocardiogram can be carried out on the role of diagnosis and treatment around the comparison.

6、Help to judge some other diseases

The ECG examination can also determine whether there are other problems in the heart, such as cardiac hypertrophy, and can indirectly reflect whether there are conditions such as hypokalemia, hyperkalemia, and high blood pressure.

What should I pay attention to when I have an EKG?

The first thing to establish is that ECG is a minimally invasive test, and it is safe to do so because it does not cause any damage to the body.

Before the examination, special attention should be paid to not overeating, smoking, drinking cold food, must rest quietly for 3 to 5 minutes, if it is a heart attack or suspected of heart disease can be done as you come.

In the case of examination use a lying position, relax all the muscles in the body, maintain a steady inhalation, do not talk or move within the body.

It is also important to inform the physician if there is a history of a pacemaker embedded in the patient or if you are taking anti-arrhythmic medication.

The electrocardiogram is one of the new basic tests, whether it is for inpatient treatment or for routine medical checkups, to grasp the basic condition of the heart.

In addition, in addition to the above mentioned matters, you need to pay attention to the examination of the electrocardiogram, but also need to pay attention to the examination as far as possible to wear cotton clothing, to prevent other chemical fiber material caused by electrostatic induction to the examination results.

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March 15, 2022

Can body scrubs be used every da...

Can body scrubs be used every day?
Body scrubs, regardless of which skin, should not be applied every day. Because the body scrub with abrasive particles, if applied every day will produce irritation to the human skin. And the function of the body scrub is deep cleaning, if the daily application is equivalent to daily in the skin to carry out deep cleaning, very easy to cause the skin stratum corneum thinning and softening, so that the human skin more and more sensitive sensitive, so the body scrub can not be applied every day.


Body scrub can be used every day body scrub how long to use a how to use
Body scrub how long to use once how to use
In order to achieve better practical results, body scrubs are best used 2 to 3 times a week. However, it varies from person to person, for example, some people with oily human skin can use it more frequently, two or three times a week. Some people's human skin is very dry, that once a week can be, dry skin with more frequency will produce white flakes. There is also that in winter, you can be a little more frequency, because the winter bathing frequency is less, the waste cuticle will be a little more. Summer can reduce the frequency of application.

Operation method
1, after the application of shower gel will be body scrub scooped to a small amount for the palm, add a little water gradually blend, rubbed on the whole body.
2, gently nudge, you can feel many tiny little stone like grinding yarn in the skin flip, skin along with the grinding yarn flip more and more slippery up, elbow arm knee joint and other parts can be key nudge, other positions soft turn circle nudge.
3, the final wash with water all over the body on OK! After cleaning and washing, be sure to wipe emollient lotion Oh!

The efficacy of body scrubs
The primary effect of the body scrub is: with a uniform tiny particles of broken milk type cleanser, it will be rubbed on the skin, and then moderate push, can have the effect of removing the skin deep stains, keratin. Applying a body scrub to cleanse pore skin and soften facial exfoliation can enable the skin to better digest and absorb the nutritional elements of skin care products.

Body scrub can be used every day body scrub how long to use how to use
Frequently asked questions about using body scrubs
1. body scrub with oil exfoliation effect, cleaning force is strong, some people with sensitive skin, before the application must first do skin allergy testing in a small area of the arm, to prevent the application of the skin occurs after large-scale skin allergies.
2. body scrub application times can not be too much, according to the skin type, oily skin can be used 2 times a month, dry skin 1 month with 1 time is sufficient.
3. application of body scrub, because the body scrub is not dissolved water and oil particles and cleaning fluid mixed production, usually rubbing the outer skin, forced to get rid of the horny layer. Therefore, when using, pay attention to the skills must be soft, can not vigorously rub the skin, the same position more push 5 times, too much push will make the skin cuticle damage.
No. 5 net copyright statement

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March 06, 2022

How to wash your face properly?

1. Clean your hands

Our hands are exposed to all kinds of dirty things every day, and there are many bacteria in the hands themselves. If we don’t wash our hands and rub our face directly, I am afraid that it will be difficult to avoid acne on our face.

2. Wet the face with warm water

Wet the face first with warm water at 35-36 ° c, this will help to fully open the pores without undue Vitae FaceGym to the natural protective layer on the skin's surface.

3. Correct use of facial cleanser

Friends of different skin types should choose different facial cleansers. For example, friends with oily skin suggest choosing a foaming cleanser with slightly stronger decontamination ability but moisturizing effect; for sensitive skin and dry skin, it is recommended to choose a cleanser with a milder texture, less irritability, and a balanced water-oil effect; medium skin can be Choose moisturizing, cleansing, and cleansing milk.

At the same time, when using facial cleanser, you should first squeeze a large amount of soybean or 1 stick of facial cleanser on your palm or face wash sponge, rubbing and lather well. Because if the facial cleanser is not soaked enough, it is difficult to FaceGym the ideal cleaning effect, and even lead to dirt residue and acne.

4. The way to wash your face should be in place

After applying the foam on the face, massage it gently, and at the same time, make a gentle circular motion to help the facial cleanser such as facial milk to fully emulsify, dissolve the facial dirt, and avoid wrinkles. First massage the T-zone of the face, the sides of the nose, then around the eyes, and finally the Vitae FaceGym and chin. It should be reminded that when using the facial cleanser, it is recommended to let it stay on the face for about 30-40 seconds, and it should not be too long.

5. Cleanser

After using the cleanser, lightly press on the face with a clean soft towel and repeat several times. Then use a mirror to examine your face and around your hairline for traces of the cleanser.

In fact, it is not difficult to master the correct way to wash your face. However, quantitative changes lead to qualitative changes. If you don't pay attention to the details of washing your face, it will easily lead to various facial skin problems over time, which can be called "disfigurement". It is recommended that the number of times you wash your face every day should also depend on the situation. Try 1-2 times a day, not too often.

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January 17, 2022

Three habits can quickly improve...

I recognize from your question type that the main question is how to EF english 評價 writing? English writing is a comprehensive form of expression in the English language, and is a specialized skill that is more difficult compared to listening, reading and writing. Therefore to improve English writing must be under more time, for secondary school students to have these three good habits.

First: learn how to make a good sentence

The basic elements of the content of the article, learning to write should EF english 評價 engage in the whole process of "sentence - paragraph - article" practice. Usually in the case of memorizing words do not have to reflexively recite, to learn to apply the English words to the statement.

Second: read more English-related articles

The famous writer Du Pu said that he wanted to exhaust the eyes of a thousand miles, the next pen is like a god. The greater you read the better you can write. According to many reading articles, you can constantly develop and accumulate vocabulary, material content and improve the sense of English language, and thus improve the level of writing. Naturally in addition to a lot of reading articles, as a secondary school student you also need a lot of memorization of small short texts.

Third: Shape the habit of extracting beautiful sentences

There are many good sentences in textbooks, usually prepare a laptop in advance to extract it, good memory than bad penmanship this rule should be remembered, usually have time to take out to understand, especially some quotations and sentences applied to creative writing, will certainly raise many points.

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September 10, 2021

Dining chair safety, you must kn...

1. to ensure that the dining chair will not fall over.

There are some dining chairs because Best Baby High Chair the weight is too light or unstable structure, when the baby sits on the slightest movement after the easy occurrence of flip, baby mothers must not just want to cheap or light, before using must check the stability of the dining chair. 2.

2. If the dining chair is foldable, each time before use to ensure that the folding is locked.

Many dining chairs are equipped with a one-touch folding device, easy to store. If the baby touches the device by mistake, it will cause pinching or fall, so make sure the chair is locked before use.

Every time your baby sits in the dining chair, be sure to fasten the seat belt to avoid falling. Do not let your child stand on the high chair.

Do not place the chair on the side of the cabinet so that the baby is not forced to push the cabinet, causing the chair to tip over.

Check to see if darling can kick the chair into the cabinet or wall, or anywhere else that could tip the chair over.

Do not allow baby to play alone in the chair. Older children can climb the chair to avoid tipping it over.

This chair is designed to help darling develop better eating habits, so don't let darling use the chair as a place for toys and then immediately pull darling off the table.

6. Do not use portable dining chairs at home instead of ordinary dining chairs. When using a portable table and chairs when dining out, make sure the table is heavy enough to support the baby's weight and will not tip over. Also check that the baby's feet will not stomp on the table so the chair can move.

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August 30, 2021

You will buy a cell phone for el...

As a portable communication tool, the cell phone can meet the daily communication needs of elementary school students. As parents' workload increases, the amount of time allocated to children decreases, and some 學生Plan parents are unable to spend long hours with their children.

How can we understand the physical and mental growth of our children, the problems they encounter in learning and life, and give timely support and help to prevent them from feeling lonely and helpless due to the lack of affection, or even becoming cold and heartless? Cell phones can undoubtedly be an effective solution to this problem. Parents can buy cell phones for Plan學生 elementary school students so that they can be the first to receive and send notifications from their teachers. Assigned learning tasks allow teachers and parents to be online at all times.

Cell phones can develop elementary school students' ability to keep and use things, and initially establish a sense of responsibility. Every time I ride, I hear, "Please take care of your belongings so they don't get lost." I also hear, "Here's a notice about finding something ......" Repeated reminders can still lead to carelessness. Cell phones not only store the phone numbers of common 學生Plan contacts, but also important personal information.

Elementary school students are at a stage where they are strongly dependent on their parents and are unaware of the inventory, storage, use and maintenance of daily necessities and the protection of personal information. If the cell phone enters their world, they may pay attention to it and other clothes and school supplies may also enjoy their pleasure.

Now that cell phones have entered the world of elementary school students, we must address the problem and learn how to use them correctly so that we can grow up together with our children.

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August 17, 2021

Must eat in Hong Kong! Detailed ...

Cantonese sausage noodles

Guangdong intestinal noodles, is pulled intestinal noodles, is a kind of application of sticky rice flour made of China's Guangdong food, to Bra into the called Bra intestinal noodles, there is no Bra free pull intestinal noodles, but not as thin as the Bra. Guangdong sausage noodles were developed by Guangzhou Xiguan Pantang He Xian Hall in the 1930s and 1940s. Guangdong intestine noodles traditional style to meat dregs, fish, fresh fresh shrimp as the filling, but also Guangzhou City, Hong Kong hotels are common small snacks, generally common to fresh shrimp Cantonese intestine noodles, beef and mutton Cantonese intestine noodles and barbecued pork Cantonese intestine noodles these. However, there are also some restaurants that do not have any fillings at all, but add sweet sauce and sesame oil to the noodles, and sprinkle them with white sesame seeds. These are the typical types of Cantonese noodles that are sold in small stores on the street.

Fish Balls

Fish balls or shrimp balls are a common snack food in the waterfront, made from fish and tapioca starch, mostly in the shape of a ball, but also in other shapes, such as a square. Guangdong Province and Hong Kong are called fish balls, and Hong Kong food stores generally create fish balls.

Hong Kong Fish Ball

Hong Kong's cooked street food originated from the mobile hawkers in the 1950s. These fish balls (that is, shrimp balls) are fried, orange-colored on the surface, and made from the more cost-effective shark meat. They are usually sold on bamboo skewers, and are also served in disposable cups. The price per skewer/cup in the snack stall is not certain, but it seems to be in the city where the food stall is located (about 4 to 10 yuan per skewer/cup, with about 6 pieces). There is a part of the snack stall specializing in the sale of fish eggs, similar to the hot dog sausage stalls in Western countries. They are often eaten with spicy or sweet sauce. In general, there are two types of fish eggs to choose from: sweet fish eggs are usually soaked in curry sauce or satay sauce to warm them up, while the original fish eggs are soaked in white soup to warm them up. However, the curry sauce fish eggs but classic oh.

Bowl of shark's fin

1. Bowl of shark's fin at hotels: the first shark's fin is served with a large nest, after which a small plate of shark's fin is given for the request of some single or small amount of customers, and most Hong Kong people will add Zhejiang vinegar, or mustard sauce, or even add a little bit of Brandi's wine that has been drunk at the table; if the host invites the shark's fin, it will be added to the shredded Jinhua ham and raw mung bean sprouts that have been installed at the table.

2. Street-side shark's fin: one of the most popular street snacks in Hong Kong, previously sold by small vendors on the street, known for being served on small plates.


Rumor has it that in the beginning, some hawkers sold leftovers to restaurants for the lower class, and it so happened that sometimes there would be some uneaten shark's fin soup, in which there might be some scattered dried abalone (alias "shark's fin"), and the lower class, who had no chance to touch it, would love it and it became a popular dish. There is a little bit of dried abalone, but the taste of Qie also looks similar. When eating, white pepper, zhejiang vinegar and sesame oil are usually added. In Hong Kong, vendors generally sell more than one stall, along with shark's fin and pangolin bone soup with greens, and many people mix the two kinds of snacks together, which is not specific and very different.

Egg Boy

There is no precise date for the introduction of egg-boys in Hong Kong, but it is said that egg-boys were introduced in Hong Kong cake stores from 1940 onwards, and that they were introduced into most Hong Kong style cafes from 1950 to 1980. Since 1990, the number of Hong Kong style cafes selling bakery buns has slowly decreased, so only the old style Hong Kong style cafes now have their own baked eggs, while other Hong Kong style cafes buy their eggs from toast bakery. The majority of bakeries will supply eggplant.


It has the aroma of a birthday cake, and the middle is half-air, so it tastes especially tender when you bite into it, with a burnt exterior and a soft interior. China and Taiwan have a similar food category called chicken cake.

How to make it: Stir raw eggs, sugar, wheat flour, light milk, etc. into egg batter and pour it in the middle of two specially made honeycomb-shaped iron templates, which are traditionally placed on top of a charcoal fire and baked out, but in recent years, most of them will be changed to a heating oven for cost reduction and safety.

Deep-fried Stinky Tofu

Deep-fried stinky tofu is a watery tofu product that has been widely spread throughout the Daya Bay Happy City area and other parts of the world. There is a great difference in the way it is made and eaten throughout the country. Deep-fried stinky tofu is divided into two kinds of deep-fried stinky tofu and stinky tofu milk, both of which are very fashionable snacks. Stinky tofu milk belongs to a kind of curd, once as the imperial good cold dish sent to the palace, suffered from the love of Cixi, personally given the name of the imperial Qing Fang. Deep-fried stinky tofu is a very symbolic snack in Taiwan and Shanghai, China.


Canton fried stinky tofu: in China Taiwan, Hong Kong or Shanghai often apply the frying method to take. Taiwanese vendors in China often serve fried stinky tofu with pickled vegetables (Sichuan kimchi) to reduce the greasiness of the frying process, while Hong Kong vendors serve it with sweet sauce.

Portobello Cake

It originated in Taishan, Guangdong Province, and is described in the county records of Taishan in the Qing Dynasty.

It is traditionally made with brown sugar and glutinous rice flour, and then cooked in a small tiled bowl, hence the name. Only when you eat it, you pour it out of the bowl and put it on a bamboo stick to eat. Some of them are made with red beans, while others are made with white sugar, which makes them milky white. The freshly steamed portobello is warm, smooth, fragrant and refreshing.

In the 1980s and 1990s, there were only one or two kinds of texture. But nowadays, the taste of portobello cake has been upgraded to many different kinds. You can taste all the flavors you want. Previously, portobello cakes were generally manufactured with brown sugar, but nowadays some are made with white sugar, some with old icing sugar, and some with white sugar, which are suitable for different people's taste. This taste is not only creative, and also very physical and mental health. For example: green tea leaf portobello, winter melon portobello, such all some physical and mental health snacks. Look for the only surviving tile-head port cake in Shui Shen Bu. It is said that port cake is an authentic street snack in Siyi, and this snack is also essential for worshipping the gods and ancestors.

Che Chai Noodles

Che Chai Noodles is a cheap noodle dish in Hong Kong.

It took place in the 1950s, a time when the living standard of the Hong Kong people was low. Chinese expatriates came to Hong Kong, and it was difficult to make ends meet, so there were mobile hawkers on the streets of Hong Kong, most of whom set up noodle stalls selling curry sauce and fish eggs and noodles in a kind of cooked dish. The timber carts in which the noodles were sold were equipped with metal "cooking compartments", each with a sauce, fresh noodles and toppings, and consumers were free to choose fresh noodles, toppings and sauce, generally for more than ten dollars.

Along with the improvement of living standards and hygiene requirements, the sale of cooked food on the street gradually faded. Che Chai noodles have entered Hong Kong style cafes and canteens, becoming a menu item, and there are small and medium sized stores selling Che Chai noodles, and even those going "high end". The ingredients of the noodles are getting more and more colorful, and there are various choices of fresh noodles and sauce. Che Chai noodles have become an everyday inexpensive food for Hong Kong people.


The following are some examples of the toppings that are generally available in stores.

Fish ball, beef ball, cuttlefish ball, tungsten ball, pork red, pork skin, pork intestine, chicken wing, chicken wing tip, lol poodle, beef cypress leaf, beef brisket, squid, siu mai, wonton noodles, mushroom, crab stick, red intestine, bacon

Fresh noodles :

River noodles, rice paste, rice noodles with bridge, oil bit, young noodles, coarse noodles, I-myeon, udon, noodles for eating (bubble noodles)


Satay sauce, curry sauce, beef brisket sauce, hot and sour soup, spicy soup, white soup

Pan-fried Stuffed Three Treasures

Pan-fried stuffed with three treasures is a common street food in Guangdong Province, Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Macau. These snacks usually allow consumers to choose three pieces from a pile of pan-fried ingredients at a price of "three pieces for five dollars". However, these three items are usually the most popular ones, namely, seasonal beans, chili peppers and water tofu.

This snack is made by stuffing freshly made pangolin meat with three types of food items, namely string beans, chili peppers and tofu, or other rare ingredients, and frying them on a stainless steel plate, then drizzling them with jumbo sauce and eating them like fish eggs. In addition to the above three ingredients, there will be pangolin meat stuffed with mushrooms, stuffed red sausage, wonton skin, preserved sausage, persimmon pepper, etc.. The pangolin glue (pangolin meat in pork puree) within the pan-fried stuffed trio sold at general street food stalls is added with a certain amount of wheat flour to reduce the cost fee.


Fried chestnuts

Fried chestnuts are fried chestnuts with sugar, which are one of the snacks in China, and are fried with white sugar.

History time

Fried chestnuts were called "filling sugar fragrance" by ancient people, and there is a poem: "Heap plate of chestnuts fried deep yellow, the guests arrive to talk and ask for wine to taste, the cold fire three nights light half stub, the door shouted 'filling sugar fragrance'. According to the History of Liao, there were professional chestnut gardens and staffs to cook fried chestnuts as early as the imperial family of Liao Dynasty (916-1125).

Production method

Chestnuts in a small black wok are stir-fried with black sand left and right with a long shovel, and the chestnuts are rolled in the black sand pile and subsequently sprinkled with white sugar. The chestnuts are stir-fried to perfection, then stirred out with an iron sieve and the black sand is sifted away. Nowadays there are some businesses that use professional equipment to fry chestnuts.


In fact, Liangxiang is not the origin of chestnuts, but is known only for fried chestnuts. It is a concentration of chestnuts in northern China, such as Qianxi and Zunhua in Hebei Province and Jixian in Tianjin, where suppliers from all over the country gather to recycle chestnuts locally and then import and export them from Tianjin. After the chestnuts were imported to Japan, the fried chestnuts were also called Tianjin sweet chestnuts in Japan.

In addition, chestnut vendors are also common in Hong Kong.

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August 10, 2021

Hairline receding? How to save h...

1、Oral medication

Androgens cause the hair follicles to shrink and the hair will not grow back, which is why they are bald. If not exposed 髮線後移 to the action of 5 reductase, testosterone will not be transformed into the hyperandrogen dihydrotestosterone, thus enhancing its ability to destroy hair follicles.

Finasteride oral medication is specifically designed to inhibit 5 alpha-reductase. It reduces the activity of 5α-reductase and the production of dihydrotestosterone. By controlling the number of bad guys who abuse the hair follicles, the follicles are safe.

Special Note: This drug is suitable for men. Women need to talk to their doctor before using it. It should not be used during pregnancy. Women also have their own medication: spironolactone or cyproterone.

Spironolactone not only reduces androgen production. It also reduces the chance of androgens doing something by pre-occupying the androgen receptors. This reduces androgen damage to hair follicles. Cipro progesterone is also a drug that can reduce the level of androgens in women.

2. Topical medication

Treatment should be early, hair follicle atrophy can also be treated if the hair follicles die, but what drugs are ineffective.

The course of treatment is long, the effect of drug treatment alopecia is slow, usually need more than a year of continuous medication. Many patients are too troublesome, think the effect is not obvious, suspect that the drug is useless, give up too early. Small quotes: after hair loss desert into an oasis is not a dream!

3、Hair transplant treatment

Rich, capricious, love the beauty, no problem baldness can also be treated with a gorgeous therapy  a wisp of hair. Transplant a tree, uproot it, with a large ball of earth, to ensure that the roots are not damaged, the survival rate is high!

The same is true for hair transplants, which are removed with hair follicles. Transplanted into the disaster area to revive the barren land. Most of the transplanted hair is at the back of the head. Usually after 3-6 months, the new hair will be full of vitality!

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August 03, 2021

What kind of learning methods ca...

Identify your weaknesses, and then make the right choice. There are eight words for good academic performance: strong subjects are strong, weak subjects are not weak. For subjects that you are good at, you can temporarily put them aside, and for some weak subjects, you must make 教育碩士 plans. In fact, although high school has learned more knowledge, the exam is relatively simple and there are really few questions.

1. 獎學金 cross review method

Hugging before the exam is the worst way to learn. Even if you remember it at the time, you will soon forget it. 3. In order to improve the learning effect, the decentralized cross-review method requires continuous decentralized learning. Each subject makes a learning plan according to the mastery level and priority level, and then allocates tasks to each night reasonably.

The key to this method is that the more detailed the learning plan, the better, which knowledge fragments of which subjects are reviewed every day, how long it takes to review each part, and then try to review as planned. This can also avoid "some knowledge" caused by uneven time distribution. "I don't have time to review" embarrassment. While distributing the review, you should also pay attention to interdisciplinary, that is, don't just focus on one subject a day, review math for one hour and change your mind, review Chinese for one hour, and don't review math continuously for two hours to avoid boredom.

2. Review method from difficult to easy

It is estimated that many students have the habit of reviewing in the order of the textbook, starting from the first chapter, and slowly reviewing to the last chapter. The initial comment was very vigorous, and the more tired it became, the more casual it became. However, the design of textbooks is usually from shallow to deep, the first few chapters are simple, the later chapters are more complex and comprehensive, the easier it is to learn loopholes.

2 How to improve grades in high school

Language is to pay attention to accumulation and carefully review questions. I think this is a subject that tests my own literary literacy. As long as my language skills are not too bad, in fact, everyone's scores are similar.

Next is mathematics. Mathematics can't be rushed and learn slowly. Many liberal arts students are afraid of mathematics, but I think the most important thing is to summarize and reflect on mathematics. For topics that we don't know, we should consider what is the essence. We should not blindly ignore the problem. The most important thing is to know the type of the problem and learn how to draw conclusions from the past.

Then comes English. I think English is really not difficult. You should grasp two key points: One is vocabulary and grammar. When you can master it, the improvement of English scores is a natural thing.

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July 26, 2021

How to choose bedding? Teach you...

Bedding is a part of life home can not lack, good bedding, not only can create a stronger quality of sleep, and can also reflect the excellent quality of life. Currently dealing with a variety of various bedding, we often peach blossom eyes, the following I will inform the people how to select bedding.

Check the mark, see the package

In the selection of bedding, the first to check the mark of the goods, reliable company's goods mark content is more complete, and detailed address detailed; if the mark content is incomplete, not standardized, you need to be careful to buy; if there is no mark of the three no products, it is best not to buy. In addition, the purchase must ensure that the packaging design in detail, packaging printing is clear.

Check the workmanship

Today's sales market bedding workmanship and materials are very different, the price difference is higher. Cost-effective goods, detailed materials, clothing printing clear, quite glossy; poor-quality goods, material scarcity, disorderly pattern, sewing is not smooth, uneven nylon fabric. Therefore, when buying, you must carefully inquire about the workmanship of the goods.

Smell odor, pick fancy

Textile products in the printing and dyeing plant and the whole process of production and processing to apply a variety of remediation agents and modifiers, if in the production process, the processing process is not qualified, it will be residual many unnecessary ingredients, damage to the human body. Therefore, in the purchase, you can first smell the smell before making a decision.


Diligent change, to protect health

Pillow cores and other bedding can give everyone comfortable sleep quality enjoy, but they hide pathogenic bacteria is also very risky, therefore, to wash and change bedding to ensure the physical and mental health of loved ones.

Fabric should be comfortable

Comfortable fabric is the most important point to select bedding, it is best to select the environmental protection dyeing agent printing plant of cotton high density fabrics, such fabrics bedding, good touch, heat insulation and thermal insulation, and is conducive to clean up.

Focus on the overall match

Pattern is a key element in the selection of bedding, according to the respective preferences to select the pattern is unquestionable, but because the bed in the bedroom occupies the dominant, so in the selection, be sure to take into account their overall practical effect with the house is not harmonious, avoid picking that type of backward pattern.

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July 19, 2021

Poor immunity always get sick! W...

The body's ability to resist disease lies in the level of robustness of the immune system. How can I improve my immunity?

When it comes to improving immunity, the first reaction of the people is to eat what can improve immunity? There is no doubt that the body's resistance can be improved to some extent by improving the diet and nutritional composition. 增強免疫力, the importance of dietary nutrition does not depend on eating well, but on eating scientifically researched and balanced.

Ensuring the intake of high quality protein is part of a nutritious diet, but it is not something to be focused on. If the intake is too much, it will cause overweight obesity and a series of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetics, etc., cancer risk is also increased, the result of small loss.

Improve the immune system, that fitness exercise more reasonable:.

In the basic of reasonable diet, fitness exercise for improving immunity is reasonable. Long-term moderate level of anti-stress intensity fitness exercise (such as running, cycling) can make cellular immunity more prevalent throughout, and the role can be continuously improved .

However, the immunity boosting effect of fitness exercise is not stored, i.e., the physical and mental health benefits will gradually fade away after a long period without fitness exercise.

The best fitness exercise exercise to boost the body's immunity is a moderate level of stress resistance exercise of 30 minutes to 45 minutes each time, 5 times a week or so, for more than four weeks on a long-term basis.

Some common misconceptions about immunity.

1. winter more very easy to get sick is due to lower immunity no?

Winter because of the colder outdoors, many people are selected to play indoors in a group. Many people gather in a small natural environment to enhance the probability of germs spreading, and therefore more very easy to get sick.

2. often stay up late, irregular work and rest will reduce immunity?

In our long-term poor rest (generally means the total quality of sleep time), will indeed reduce immunity. The autonomic nervous system (everyone's human biological clock) also does jeopardize some cellular immune thematic activities, so we must also enhance the sleep time in case of infection or disease outbreak in our body.

3. Is it true or not that eating mushrooms can boost immunity?

Some people say that eating mushrooms can boost immunity, iPhone can boost immunity, vegetables and fruits can boost immunity ......

This can't be considered wrong, but it can't be said to be completely true. The nutritional content of mushrooms is very good, but the nutritional content of vegetables and fruits, fresh fruits, meat foods, legumes and grains are all very good.

4. What is the use of eating fruits and vegetables alone to boost immunity?

No, you need to eat some of each type of ingredient. Eating fruits and vegetables can consume dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, but there is no way to consume sufficient protein and high quality oleic acid.

Are all diseases related to the immune system?

Although the immune system is present throughout the body, the body has a lot of system software. There are some conditions that are caused by inflammation or trauma to the body that can harm the immune system, but they are not necessarily the result of a problem with the immune system.

6. Can I take vitamin C supplements to boost my immunity?

The first thing to say is that vitamin C is really good for your immune system, and in the event you suffer from a sensation, your body will also consume vitamin C quickly, so it is feasible to consume a lot of vitamin C.

However, please do not put the key only on vitamin C, because most of the antioxidants (vitamins and minerals) are good for boosting or advancing your immunity. Included here are vitamins A, B, D, E, zinc, iron, etc. Too much or too little of any one small nutrient can harm your body or immune system.

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June 30, 2021

Microfluidic chips, the next rev...

In recent years, microfluidics has developed rapidly with the development of technology. Microfluidics is the science and technology of microscale (tens to hundreds of microns) integrated channel systems. Trace amounts of liquid (typically 10-9 to 10-18 liters) flow under the control of the system by a specific model. The development of such a high-tech microfluidics has actually been heard for decades, and the requirement of microvolume and planarization for biochemical analysis was a good driving force for the development of microfluidics. Since then, the concept of "wafer labs" and microscale integrated analysis systems (μTAS) has been gradually established.

In microfluidic fields, the specific surface area increases as the size of the fluid decreases, showing characteristics different from those of macroscopic fluids. In this paper, three main characteristics of microfluidics are considered: high efficiency of mass heat transfer, relative advantage of viscosity over inertial forces, and significant surface effects. In addition, the highly integrated microfluidic system also promotes the coexistence of multiple fluid phases and multiple interactions. Such properties make it possible to control and manipulate single fluids and fluid interfaces using microdevices, allowing microfluidics to be used in a wide range of applications in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, and engineering.

Bonding and lamination of microfluidic chips

Today, I would like to discuss with you the revolutionary impact of microfluidics on biochemistry. The application of microfluidics in biochemistry can be very wide, which involves enzyme analysis, DNA analysis (such as polymerase chain reaction and high-throughput sequencing), proteomics analysis, etc. The basic idea of microfluidic biochip is to integrate assay operations, sample processing and sample preparation into a single chip, which gives it high-throughput characteristics. The chip can also play an important role in clinical pathology, especially in the direct diagnosis of diseases. In addition, microfluidic-based devices, such as those that can continuously sample air or water samples, and real-time detection devices can be used to detect biochemical toxins and pathogenic microorganisms. In addition to the above-mentioned assays, microfluidics has become a powerful tool for biologists to study and control the cellular environment, and a "godsend" for new discoveries in cell growth, aging, etc. Next, we will look at some specific examples of how microfluidics performs its role.

In terms of bioanalysis, microfluidics shines in ions, small molecules, and biomolecules such as nucleic acids and proteins, which have led to a revolution in many standard biomolecular techniques. It is a platform for technologies such as multiplex enzyme chain reaction (PCR), reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR), and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). In addition, droplet microfluidics, a microfluid, has been able to be successfully analyzed at the cellular level, and many classical cellular manipulations can be done in microdroplets.

Previously, when talking about chemical reactions, the jars and bottles that could not be cleaned by any brush were the ones that came to mind. But today, microfluidic droplets can exist as a small chemical reactor, and researchers can achieve precise control over their environment. It is used in a wide variety of reactions, including titration, precipitation, hydrolysis, etc. A good example is the droplet microfluidic platform for the anticoagulant argatroban. Using this technology, researchers can determine the appropriate dose of argatroban by measuring clotting time with partial thrombospondin kinase activation time on a single wafer. In addition to the aqueous phase reaction, microdroplets also support the organic phase reaction. However, at this time, the materials used to make the instrument must be carefully selected to avoid deformation of the tube due to corrosion by organic solvents. Sulfur hydroxyl polymers are a good choice and have a better organic stability compared to PDMS materials.

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June 16, 2021

New microfluidic device improves...

A new microfluidic device allows scientific researchers to create alternating electric fields in a three-dimensional natural environment.

Malaysian researchers have designed a three-dimensional microfluidic shaping service platform to test the therapeutic effects of cancer treatment electric fields, a new form of cancer treatment based on the alternating electric fields that have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of malignant gliomas, reports McMasters.

The 3D microfluidic device was developed and designed by an elite team of scientists from the Malaysia-MIT Science Research and Technology Consortium, who created an alternating electric field in a 3D natural environment that is more physiologically appropriate than the standard 3D cell culture media service platform.

This research has shown that electric field therapy reduces the migration and spread of tumour cells. Excitingly, the growth and development rate of tumour cells treated with electric field therapy was reduced by 35% relative to tumour cells that were not treated with electric field therapy. For non-tumour cells, such as endothelial cells around the capillaries surrounding malignant tumours, there was no significant harm.


"With this 3D microfluidic device, physicians will be able to specify the amount of electric field resistance necessary for each patient to be treated, enhancing their treatment outcome."

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June 01, 2021

Selection and use of disposable catering enterpr...

wooden fork

During the Spring Festival, family gatherings are essential. Some families are accustomed to buy disposable plastic lunch boxes before the Spring Festival, because relatives and friends, dishes and cups and plates such as dishes are not enough or to reduce the trouble of washing dishes. In this regard, the city consumer association organization work management personnel to recommend that the general public in the purchase and use of disposable catering products pay attention to the "five look".

According to the production of materials used, mainly PET (polyethylene terephthalate) PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), and PS (polystyrene), four materials are non-toxic, odorless and tasteless. PE is generally not used for food packaging, PP can be heated in the microwave oven. Cycle mark 1-7 each speaks, logo 5 can be recycled. Consumers in the purchase and use of disposable plastic tableware products, be sure to pay attention to the following six points: 1, look at the logo. To see if there is a QS logo, production license number, manufacturer, production address and other information to improve product quality assurance. Should choose products with good packaging, pay attention to the production date and shelf life, try to choose products within the shelf life, in case there are bacteria, mold; look at the appearance. To buy smooth surface, uniform color disposable plastic catering utensils, try to choose no decorative pattern of colorless transparent products; look at the smell. 4, look at the smell: you can first smell there is no strange smell, odor, to prevent the use of food and food crosstalk, affecting food safety. Whether the product is too soft to pinch, try not to choose too soft to pinch the product.

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March 06, 2019

Most IT businesses have however

The ROI of SD-WANSoftware-defined broad area networking (SD-WAN) is usually a modern merchandise classification. Most IT businesses have however to create their initial buy, though many are undertaking technological investigations and including SD-WAN gateways into their infrastructure designs. On the other hand, the monetary arguments demanded for budgetary acceptance are still a pending action. Although there exists a common belief amid networking team that SD-WAN lessens expenses by shifting targeted visitors from expensive private WAN inbound links to broadband World-wide-web connections, quantifying this as well as other SD-WAN advantages demands a extra arduous strategy.

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD WAN) is a transformational approach to simplify branch office networking and assure optimal application performance.

Quantifying the SD-WAN return on financial commitmentMaking an ROI calculation may be time intensive, so Business Administration Associates (EMA) has generated a paper that gives detailed calculations and explores supplemental quantitative and qualitative added benefits of SD-WAN. Their analysis concluded that, even though the operational and capital charge personal savings are substantial more than a 5-year time period, IT productivity gains and improved community uptime provided even higher payback around the investment. This text explores the broader list of ROI concerns to help you IT administrators create a economical case for SD-WAN investments.

Hazel Lee Sung yan

Decreased running expensesAt the core of SD-WAN operation is transforming community connections from personal MpLS backlinks to broadband Web. Secured by encrypted tunnels and built-in firewalls, broadband Online connections commonly price 95-to-99 per cent much less for each megabit-per-second than personal MpLS one-way links. Internet hyperlinks are a great deal of much less expensive that early adopters of SD-WAN significantly increase their bandwidth and they are however conserving network connectivity prices.The economic calculation employed by EMA for any 100-branch community assumes that every branch replaces two 1.5 Mbps MpLS backlinks with a single 1.five Mbps MpLS url and 25 Mbps of broadband Net. This configuration delivers a number of benefits. 1st, an practically 9x boost in bandwidth whilst however reducing in network connectivity prices by 20%. Second, every department can now instantly access cloud products and services without having having to transit a central gateway. Blended, these end in much better overall performance for cloud purposes and high-bandwidth solutions this sort of as video conferencing and prosperous media.Decreased funds expendituresMoney investments make up a smaller share of the network’s 5-year value, but you can find still savings to be had with SD-WAN. Digital appliances, cloud-based administration, and dynamic path choice all add into the savings. Decoupling the hardware in the services, much like digital servers and storage, gets rid of much in the expense and complexity of deploying physical routers.


Wachter’s Migration to SD-WAN Introduced

Aricent partners with Lanner

According to study by IHS Markit

The ROI of SD-WANSoftware-defined

The ROI of SD-WANSoftware

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September 12, 2016

































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