January 17, 2022

Three habits can quickly improve...

I recognize from your question type that the main question is how to EF english 評價 writing? English writing is a comprehensive form of expression in the English language, and is a specialized skill that is more difficult compared to listening, reading and writing. Therefore to improve English writing must be under more time, for secondary school students to have these three good habits.

First: learn how to make a good sentence

The basic elements of the content of the article, learning to write should EF english 評價 engage in the whole process of "sentence - paragraph - article" practice. Usually in the case of memorizing words do not have to reflexively recite, to learn to apply the English words to the statement.

Second: read more English-related articles

The famous writer Du Pu said that he wanted to exhaust the eyes of a thousand miles, the next pen is like a god. The greater you read the better you can write. According to many reading articles, you can constantly develop and accumulate vocabulary, material content and improve the sense of English language, and thus improve the level of writing. Naturally in addition to a lot of reading articles, as a secondary school student you also need a lot of memorization of small short texts.

Third: Shape the habit of extracting beautiful sentences

There are many good sentences in textbooks, usually prepare a laptop in advance to extract it, good memory than bad penmanship this rule should be remembered, usually have time to take out to understand, especially some quotations and sentences applied to creative writing, will certainly raise many points.

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