August 30, 2021

You will buy a cell phone for el...

As a portable communication tool, the cell phone can meet the daily communication needs of elementary school students. As parents' workload increases, the amount of time allocated to children decreases, and some 學生Plan parents are unable to spend long hours with their children.

How can we understand the physical and mental growth of our children, the problems they encounter in learning and life, and give timely support and help to prevent them from feeling lonely and helpless due to the lack of affection, or even becoming cold and heartless? Cell phones can undoubtedly be an effective solution to this problem. Parents can buy cell phones for Plan學生 elementary school students so that they can be the first to receive and send notifications from their teachers. Assigned learning tasks allow teachers and parents to be online at all times.

Cell phones can develop elementary school students' ability to keep and use things, and initially establish a sense of responsibility. Every time I ride, I hear, "Please take care of your belongings so they don't get lost." I also hear, "Here's a notice about finding something ......" Repeated reminders can still lead to carelessness. Cell phones not only store the phone numbers of common 學生Plan contacts, but also important personal information.

Elementary school students are at a stage where they are strongly dependent on their parents and are unaware of the inventory, storage, use and maintenance of daily necessities and the protection of personal information. If the cell phone enters their world, they may pay attention to it and other clothes and school supplies may also enjoy their pleasure.

Now that cell phones have entered the world of elementary school students, we must address the problem and learn how to use them correctly so that we can grow up together with our children.

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August 17, 2021

Must eat in Hong Kong! Detailed ...

Cantonese sausage noodles

Guangdong intestinal noodles, is pulled intestinal noodles, is a kind of application of sticky rice flour made of China's Guangdong food, to Bra into the called Bra intestinal noodles, there is no Bra free pull intestinal noodles, but not as thin as the Bra. Guangdong sausage noodles were developed by Guangzhou Xiguan Pantang He Xian Hall in the 1930s and 1940s. Guangdong intestine noodles traditional style to meat dregs, fish, fresh fresh shrimp as the filling, but also Guangzhou City, Hong Kong hotels are common small snacks, generally common to fresh shrimp Cantonese intestine noodles, beef and mutton Cantonese intestine noodles and barbecued pork Cantonese intestine noodles these. However, there are also some restaurants that do not have any fillings at all, but add sweet sauce and sesame oil to the noodles, and sprinkle them with white sesame seeds. These are the typical types of Cantonese noodles that are sold in small stores on the street.

Fish Balls

Fish balls or shrimp balls are a common snack food in the waterfront, made from fish and tapioca starch, mostly in the shape of a ball, but also in other shapes, such as a square. Guangdong Province and Hong Kong are called fish balls, and Hong Kong food stores generally create fish balls.

Hong Kong Fish Ball

Hong Kong's cooked street food originated from the mobile hawkers in the 1950s. These fish balls (that is, shrimp balls) are fried, orange-colored on the surface, and made from the more cost-effective shark meat. They are usually sold on bamboo skewers, and are also served in disposable cups. The price per skewer/cup in the snack stall is not certain, but it seems to be in the city where the food stall is located (about 4 to 10 yuan per skewer/cup, with about 6 pieces). There is a part of the snack stall specializing in the sale of fish eggs, similar to the hot dog sausage stalls in Western countries. They are often eaten with spicy or sweet sauce. In general, there are two types of fish eggs to choose from: sweet fish eggs are usually soaked in curry sauce or satay sauce to warm them up, while the original fish eggs are soaked in white soup to warm them up. However, the curry sauce fish eggs but classic oh.

Bowl of shark's fin

1. Bowl of shark's fin at hotels: the first shark's fin is served with a large nest, after which a small plate of shark's fin is given for the request of some single or small amount of customers, and most Hong Kong people will add Zhejiang vinegar, or mustard sauce, or even add a little bit of Brandi's wine that has been drunk at the table; if the host invites the shark's fin, it will be added to the shredded Jinhua ham and raw mung bean sprouts that have been installed at the table.

2. Street-side shark's fin: one of the most popular street snacks in Hong Kong, previously sold by small vendors on the street, known for being served on small plates.


Rumor has it that in the beginning, some hawkers sold leftovers to restaurants for the lower class, and it so happened that sometimes there would be some uneaten shark's fin soup, in which there might be some scattered dried abalone (alias "shark's fin"), and the lower class, who had no chance to touch it, would love it and it became a popular dish. There is a little bit of dried abalone, but the taste of Qie also looks similar. When eating, white pepper, zhejiang vinegar and sesame oil are usually added. In Hong Kong, vendors generally sell more than one stall, along with shark's fin and pangolin bone soup with greens, and many people mix the two kinds of snacks together, which is not specific and very different.

Egg Boy

There is no precise date for the introduction of egg-boys in Hong Kong, but it is said that egg-boys were introduced in Hong Kong cake stores from 1940 onwards, and that they were introduced into most Hong Kong style cafes from 1950 to 1980. Since 1990, the number of Hong Kong style cafes selling bakery buns has slowly decreased, so only the old style Hong Kong style cafes now have their own baked eggs, while other Hong Kong style cafes buy their eggs from toast bakery. The majority of bakeries will supply eggplant.


It has the aroma of a birthday cake, and the middle is half-air, so it tastes especially tender when you bite into it, with a burnt exterior and a soft interior. China and Taiwan have a similar food category called chicken cake.

How to make it: Stir raw eggs, sugar, wheat flour, light milk, etc. into egg batter and pour it in the middle of two specially made honeycomb-shaped iron templates, which are traditionally placed on top of a charcoal fire and baked out, but in recent years, most of them will be changed to a heating oven for cost reduction and safety.

Deep-fried Stinky Tofu

Deep-fried stinky tofu is a watery tofu product that has been widely spread throughout the Daya Bay Happy City area and other parts of the world. There is a great difference in the way it is made and eaten throughout the country. Deep-fried stinky tofu is divided into two kinds of deep-fried stinky tofu and stinky tofu milk, both of which are very fashionable snacks. Stinky tofu milk belongs to a kind of curd, once as the imperial good cold dish sent to the palace, suffered from the love of Cixi, personally given the name of the imperial Qing Fang. Deep-fried stinky tofu is a very symbolic snack in Taiwan and Shanghai, China.


Canton fried stinky tofu: in China Taiwan, Hong Kong or Shanghai often apply the frying method to take. Taiwanese vendors in China often serve fried stinky tofu with pickled vegetables (Sichuan kimchi) to reduce the greasiness of the frying process, while Hong Kong vendors serve it with sweet sauce.

Portobello Cake

It originated in Taishan, Guangdong Province, and is described in the county records of Taishan in the Qing Dynasty.

It is traditionally made with brown sugar and glutinous rice flour, and then cooked in a small tiled bowl, hence the name. Only when you eat it, you pour it out of the bowl and put it on a bamboo stick to eat. Some of them are made with red beans, while others are made with white sugar, which makes them milky white. The freshly steamed portobello is warm, smooth, fragrant and refreshing.

In the 1980s and 1990s, there were only one or two kinds of texture. But nowadays, the taste of portobello cake has been upgraded to many different kinds. You can taste all the flavors you want. Previously, portobello cakes were generally manufactured with brown sugar, but nowadays some are made with white sugar, some with old icing sugar, and some with white sugar, which are suitable for different people's taste. This taste is not only creative, and also very physical and mental health. For example: green tea leaf portobello, winter melon portobello, such all some physical and mental health snacks. Look for the only surviving tile-head port cake in Shui Shen Bu. It is said that port cake is an authentic street snack in Siyi, and this snack is also essential for worshipping the gods and ancestors.

Che Chai Noodles

Che Chai Noodles is a cheap noodle dish in Hong Kong.

It took place in the 1950s, a time when the living standard of the Hong Kong people was low. Chinese expatriates came to Hong Kong, and it was difficult to make ends meet, so there were mobile hawkers on the streets of Hong Kong, most of whom set up noodle stalls selling curry sauce and fish eggs and noodles in a kind of cooked dish. The timber carts in which the noodles were sold were equipped with metal "cooking compartments", each with a sauce, fresh noodles and toppings, and consumers were free to choose fresh noodles, toppings and sauce, generally for more than ten dollars.

Along with the improvement of living standards and hygiene requirements, the sale of cooked food on the street gradually faded. Che Chai noodles have entered Hong Kong style cafes and canteens, becoming a menu item, and there are small and medium sized stores selling Che Chai noodles, and even those going "high end". The ingredients of the noodles are getting more and more colorful, and there are various choices of fresh noodles and sauce. Che Chai noodles have become an everyday inexpensive food for Hong Kong people.


The following are some examples of the toppings that are generally available in stores.

Fish ball, beef ball, cuttlefish ball, tungsten ball, pork red, pork skin, pork intestine, chicken wing, chicken wing tip, lol poodle, beef cypress leaf, beef brisket, squid, siu mai, wonton noodles, mushroom, crab stick, red intestine, bacon

Fresh noodles :

River noodles, rice paste, rice noodles with bridge, oil bit, young noodles, coarse noodles, I-myeon, udon, noodles for eating (bubble noodles)


Satay sauce, curry sauce, beef brisket sauce, hot and sour soup, spicy soup, white soup

Pan-fried Stuffed Three Treasures

Pan-fried stuffed with three treasures is a common street food in Guangdong Province, Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Macau. These snacks usually allow consumers to choose three pieces from a pile of pan-fried ingredients at a price of "three pieces for five dollars". However, these three items are usually the most popular ones, namely, seasonal beans, chili peppers and water tofu.

This snack is made by stuffing freshly made pangolin meat with three types of food items, namely string beans, chili peppers and tofu, or other rare ingredients, and frying them on a stainless steel plate, then drizzling them with jumbo sauce and eating them like fish eggs. In addition to the above three ingredients, there will be pangolin meat stuffed with mushrooms, stuffed red sausage, wonton skin, preserved sausage, persimmon pepper, etc.. The pangolin glue (pangolin meat in pork puree) within the pan-fried stuffed trio sold at general street food stalls is added with a certain amount of wheat flour to reduce the cost fee.


Fried chestnuts

Fried chestnuts are fried chestnuts with sugar, which are one of the snacks in China, and are fried with white sugar.

History time

Fried chestnuts were called "filling sugar fragrance" by ancient people, and there is a poem: "Heap plate of chestnuts fried deep yellow, the guests arrive to talk and ask for wine to taste, the cold fire three nights light half stub, the door shouted 'filling sugar fragrance'. According to the History of Liao, there were professional chestnut gardens and staffs to cook fried chestnuts as early as the imperial family of Liao Dynasty (916-1125).

Production method

Chestnuts in a small black wok are stir-fried with black sand left and right with a long shovel, and the chestnuts are rolled in the black sand pile and subsequently sprinkled with white sugar. The chestnuts are stir-fried to perfection, then stirred out with an iron sieve and the black sand is sifted away. Nowadays there are some businesses that use professional equipment to fry chestnuts.


In fact, Liangxiang is not the origin of chestnuts, but is known only for fried chestnuts. It is a concentration of chestnuts in northern China, such as Qianxi and Zunhua in Hebei Province and Jixian in Tianjin, where suppliers from all over the country gather to recycle chestnuts locally and then import and export them from Tianjin. After the chestnuts were imported to Japan, the fried chestnuts were also called Tianjin sweet chestnuts in Japan.

In addition, chestnut vendors are also common in Hong Kong.

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August 10, 2021

Hairline receding? How to save h...

1、Oral medication

Androgens cause the hair follicles to shrink and the hair will not grow back, which is why they are bald. If not exposed 髮線後移 to the action of 5 reductase, testosterone will not be transformed into the hyperandrogen dihydrotestosterone, thus enhancing its ability to destroy hair follicles.

Finasteride oral medication is specifically designed to inhibit 5 alpha-reductase. It reduces the activity of 5α-reductase and the production of dihydrotestosterone. By controlling the number of bad guys who abuse the hair follicles, the follicles are safe.

Special Note: This drug is suitable for men. Women need to talk to their doctor before using it. It should not be used during pregnancy. Women also have their own medication: spironolactone or cyproterone.

Spironolactone not only reduces androgen production. It also reduces the chance of androgens doing something by pre-occupying the androgen receptors. This reduces androgen damage to hair follicles. Cipro progesterone is also a drug that can reduce the level of androgens in women.

2. Topical medication

Treatment should be early, hair follicle atrophy can also be treated if the hair follicles die, but what drugs are ineffective.

The course of treatment is long, the effect of drug treatment alopecia is slow, usually need more than a year of continuous medication. Many patients are too troublesome, think the effect is not obvious, suspect that the drug is useless, give up too early. Small quotes: after hair loss desert into an oasis is not a dream!

3、Hair transplant treatment

Rich, capricious, love the beauty, no problem baldness can also be treated with a gorgeous therapy  a wisp of hair. Transplant a tree, uproot it, with a large ball of earth, to ensure that the roots are not damaged, the survival rate is high!

The same is true for hair transplants, which are removed with hair follicles. Transplanted into the disaster area to revive the barren land. Most of the transplanted hair is at the back of the head. Usually after 3-6 months, the new hair will be full of vitality!

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August 03, 2021

What kind of learning methods ca...

Identify your weaknesses, and then make the right choice. There are eight words for good academic performance: strong subjects are strong, weak subjects are not weak. For subjects that you are good at, you can temporarily put them aside, and for some weak subjects, you must make 教育碩士 plans. In fact, although high school has learned more knowledge, the exam is relatively simple and there are really few questions.

1. 獎學金 cross review method

Hugging before the exam is the worst way to learn. Even if you remember it at the time, you will soon forget it. 3. In order to improve the learning effect, the decentralized cross-review method requires continuous decentralized learning. Each subject makes a learning plan according to the mastery level and priority level, and then allocates tasks to each night reasonably.

The key to this method is that the more detailed the learning plan, the better, which knowledge fragments of which subjects are reviewed every day, how long it takes to review each part, and then try to review as planned. This can also avoid "some knowledge" caused by uneven time distribution. "I don't have time to review" embarrassment. While distributing the review, you should also pay attention to interdisciplinary, that is, don't just focus on one subject a day, review math for one hour and change your mind, review Chinese for one hour, and don't review math continuously for two hours to avoid boredom.

2. Review method from difficult to easy

It is estimated that many students have the habit of reviewing in the order of the textbook, starting from the first chapter, and slowly reviewing to the last chapter. The initial comment was very vigorous, and the more tired it became, the more casual it became. However, the design of textbooks is usually from shallow to deep, the first few chapters are simple, the later chapters are more complex and comprehensive, the easier it is to learn loopholes.

2 How to improve grades in high school

Language is to pay attention to accumulation and carefully review questions. I think this is a subject that tests my own literary literacy. As long as my language skills are not too bad, in fact, everyone's scores are similar.

Next is mathematics. Mathematics can't be rushed and learn slowly. Many liberal arts students are afraid of mathematics, but I think the most important thing is to summarize and reflect on mathematics. For topics that we don't know, we should consider what is the essence. We should not blindly ignore the problem. The most important thing is to know the type of the problem and learn how to draw conclusions from the past.

Then comes English. I think English is really not difficult. You should grasp two key points: One is vocabulary and grammar. When you can master it, the improvement of English scores is a natural thing.

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