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Can body scrubs be used every da...

Can body scrubs be used every day?
Body scrubs, regardless of which skin, should not be applied every day. Because the body scrub with abrasive particles, if applied every day will produce irritation to the human skin. And the function of the body scrub is deep cleaning, if the daily application is equivalent to daily in the skin to carry out deep cleaning, very easy to cause the skin stratum corneum thinning and softening, so that the human skin more and more sensitive sensitive, so the body scrub can not be applied every day.


Body scrub can be used every day body scrub how long to use a how to use
Body scrub how long to use once how to use
In order to achieve better practical results, body scrubs are best used 2 to 3 times a week. However, it varies from person to person, for example, some people with oily human skin can use it more frequently, two or three times a week. Some people's human skin is very dry, that once a week can be, dry skin with more frequency will produce white flakes. There is also that in winter, you can be a little more frequency, because the winter bathing frequency is less, the waste cuticle will be a little more. Summer can reduce the frequency of application.

Operation method
1, after the application of shower gel will be body scrub scooped to a small amount for the palm, add a little water gradually blend, rubbed on the whole body.
2, gently nudge, you can feel many tiny little stone like grinding yarn in the skin flip, skin along with the grinding yarn flip more and more slippery up, elbow arm knee joint and other parts can be key nudge, other positions soft turn circle nudge.
3, the final wash with water all over the body on OK! After cleaning and washing, be sure to wipe emollient lotion Oh!

The efficacy of body scrubs
The primary effect of the body scrub is: with a uniform tiny particles of broken milk type cleanser, it will be rubbed on the skin, and then moderate push, can have the effect of removing the skin deep stains, keratin. Applying a body scrub to cleanse pore skin and soften facial exfoliation can enable the skin to better digest and absorb the nutritional elements of skin care products.

Body scrub can be used every day body scrub how long to use how to use
Frequently asked questions about using body scrubs
1. body scrub with oil exfoliation effect, cleaning force is strong, some people with sensitive skin, before the application must first do skin allergy testing in a small area of the arm, to prevent the application of the skin occurs after large-scale skin allergies.
2. body scrub application times can not be too much, according to the skin type, oily skin can be used 2 times a month, dry skin 1 month with 1 time is sufficient.
3. application of body scrub, because the body scrub is not dissolved water and oil particles and cleaning fluid mixed production, usually rubbing the outer skin, forced to get rid of the horny layer. Therefore, when using, pay attention to the skills must be soft, can not vigorously rub the skin, the same position more push 5 times, too much push will make the skin cuticle damage.
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