March 22, 2022

What diseases can be detected by an ECG during a routine physical examination? Get to know the basic

In the case of sudden illness or discomfort, it is important to seek early examination, and many people may see a problem, that is, no matter what kind of disease, only the regulation doctor will provide for the examination of .

When it comes to electrocardiogram, people should know very well that it is a new item of basic examination, but many people are more confused, they do not have a heart level disease, why hospitalization must also check the electrocardiogram?

Why is it necessary to check the ECG in the course of routine medical checkups, and what exactly can the ECG find out?

1、Get the basic condition

The heart is the most important pressure root in the body, no matter which kind of disease is produced, it may produce damage to the heart, so before hospitalization is a basic assessment of the heart.

According to the electrocardiogram, the basic condition of the heart, whether the heartbeat is normal or not, the heart beat is normal or not, according to this basic judgment, the medicine can be applied effectively.

2、Discover if there is a myocardial infarction

Generally speaking, it is impossible to diagnose myocardial infarction completely with the help of electrocardiogram, but electrocardiogram can make a basic judgment, especially for acute heart attack.

The ECG examination can quickly identify many types of heart diseases, so that the physician can make a basic diagnosis and provide reasonable treatment.

3、Judging whether the heart is in danger

If a sudden heart attack causes discomfort, the ECG can be used to determine if there is a heart problem at the same time.

4、Help to judge the heart rate arrhythmia

One of the main effects of ECG is to determine whether there is an arrhythmia of the heart rate. When you are admitted to hospital, you will usually use medication to treat your illness, so you can take medication faster if you know whether there is an arrhythmia of the heart rate, because many drugs can cause arrhythmia of the heart rate after taking them.

5、Judging the effect of treatment

If the heart disease is subacute, in the hospital treatment generally must be thrombosis treatment can rescue, then check the electrocardiogram can be carried out on the role of diagnosis and treatment around the comparison.

6、Help to judge some other diseases

The ECG examination can also determine whether there are other problems in the heart, such as cardiac hypertrophy, and can indirectly reflect whether there are conditions such as hypokalemia, hyperkalemia, and high blood pressure.

What should I pay attention to when I have an EKG?

The first thing to establish is that ECG is a minimally invasive test, and it is safe to do so because it does not cause any damage to the body.

Before the examination, special attention should be paid to not overeating, smoking, drinking cold food, must rest quietly for 3 to 5 minutes, if it is a heart attack or suspected of heart disease can be done as you come.

In the case of examination use a lying position, relax all the muscles in the body, maintain a steady inhalation, do not talk or move within the body.

It is also important to inform the physician if there is a history of a pacemaker embedded in the patient or if you are taking anti-arrhythmic medication.

The electrocardiogram is one of the new basic tests, whether it is for inpatient treatment or for routine medical checkups, to grasp the basic condition of the heart.

In addition, in addition to the above mentioned matters, you need to pay attention to the examination of the electrocardiogram, but also need to pay attention to the examination as far as possible to wear cotton clothing, to prevent other chemical fiber material caused by electrostatic induction to the examination results.

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