August 03, 2021

What kind of learning methods ca...

Identify your weaknesses, and then make the right choice. There are eight words for good academic performance: strong subjects are strong, weak subjects are not weak. For subjects that you are good at, you can temporarily put them aside, and for some weak subjects, you must make 教育碩士 plans. In fact, although high school has learned more knowledge, the exam is relatively simple and there are really few questions.

1. 獎學金 cross review method

Hugging before the exam is the worst way to learn. Even if you remember it at the time, you will soon forget it. 3. In order to improve the learning effect, the decentralized cross-review method requires continuous decentralized learning. Each subject makes a learning plan according to the mastery level and priority level, and then allocates tasks to each night reasonably.

The key to this method is that the more detailed the learning plan, the better, which knowledge fragments of which subjects are reviewed every day, how long it takes to review each part, and then try to review as planned. This can also avoid "some knowledge" caused by uneven time distribution. "I don't have time to review" embarrassment. While distributing the review, you should also pay attention to interdisciplinary, that is, don't just focus on one subject a day, review math for one hour and change your mind, review Chinese for one hour, and don't review math continuously for two hours to avoid boredom.

2. Review method from difficult to easy

It is estimated that many students have the habit of reviewing in the order of the textbook, starting from the first chapter, and slowly reviewing to the last chapter. The initial comment was very vigorous, and the more tired it became, the more casual it became. However, the design of textbooks is usually from shallow to deep, the first few chapters are simple, the later chapters are more complex and comprehensive, the easier it is to learn loopholes.

2 How to improve grades in high school

Language is to pay attention to accumulation and carefully review questions. I think this is a subject that tests my own literary literacy. As long as my language skills are not too bad, in fact, everyone's scores are similar.

Next is mathematics. Mathematics can't be rushed and learn slowly. Many liberal arts students are afraid of mathematics, but I think the most important thing is to summarize and reflect on mathematics. For topics that we don't know, we should consider what is the essence. We should not blindly ignore the problem. The most important thing is to know the type of the problem and learn how to draw conclusions from the past.

Then comes English. I think English is really not difficult. You should grasp two key points: One is vocabulary and grammar. When you can master it, the improvement of English scores is a natural thing.

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